Monday, April 6, 2009

How To: Diane Von Furstenberg Headbands

Diane Von Furstenberg is a famous fashion designer. If you are familiar with Whitney from The Hills, DVF is the company she works for. In the spring line, all of the runway models were sporting these sweet spring inspired headbands.

So... my sister, in all her craftiness, decided to remake DVF headbands for her 'oh so stylish' little girls to wear on Easter.

floral tape
headband from dollar store
silk flowers

She found these fairly basic dresses and the headbands are the perfect accessory.

So chic for 3 and 6 year old's!

Here is the model herself..
Sophie's Tip: Flowers in children and babies hair can NEVER be "too big".

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bathroom Revamp

I am in the process of gathering inspiration to revamp my bathroom. We live in a older apartment. The colors on the floor of the bathroom are neutral and dated. I obviously can't paint so...
What to do?....

I would LOVE to have a chandelier in my bathroom one day.
I like beach themes in bathrooms... typical? Yes.Love all of this.
This bathroom has clean lines and I love the framed picture of the flower.
I love walls that are covered in pictures.
The colors of the walls and the cabinets in this picture match my bathroom colors. I like the idea of getting an accent rug with interesting pattern.
Sophie's Tip: Before starting a project search the internet and your favorite magazines for inspiration. Brainstorm your favorite ideas. Don't be afraid to mix and match what you like, your bathroom doesn't have to look just like a picture in a catalog. Pull ideas from here and there and then draw out a sketch of your idea. I can be a very indecisive shopper, so it always helps me to have a picture in my head of what I should be looking for.