Friday, December 17, 2010

4 calling birds... (well, more like 8)

First I cut out these cuties.

Then I looped 3 inches of ribbon.

Then I put right sides facing eachother...

And pinned the ribbon on the inside.

Next sew right along the outside keeping the tail open.

These birds are awesome because my one year old can hold them and love them and not break or destroy them!

I stuffed them and then did a blind stitch on the tail.
Add some buttons or beads for eyes and you're all done!

PS~I found my cute Holiday fabric at Jo Anns:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry and bright

I found these chairs at DI (thrift) for 5 dollars each!
I love the rustic wood but I can't help thinking how awesome they would look painted a bright color.

The pillows actually aren't pillows at all. They are place mats bought at Tai Pan for 3 dollars each and I stuffed them. They match our tree skirt!

Mommy's stocking...

Daddy's stocking...

Baby's stocking...

Step one: I took a dollar store stocking that we used last year and traced around it on a double layer of felt.
Step two: I cut out around the trace leaving an extra half inch or so.
Step three: I pulled out all kinds of scrap fabric and trimming.
Step four: I added the trimming and sewed it on to one side of the stocking.
Step five: with the right sides of the fabric facing each other I sewed the stocking together.
Step six: I sewed the trimming on the top.
Step seven: I cut out a strip of felt with angles at the ends
Step eight:  I sewed a piece of red ribbon down the center.
Step nine: With angled ends touching I attached my loop to the inside seam of the stocking.
I was a little intimidated to start this project, I had high hopes and wasn't sure I could reach them.... I'm so glad I tried.  It really feels good to make something completely yourself.