Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bedroom Ideas: ANYONE can do

We are of course renters and the walls are white, awesome..... what to do?
My Bedroom Before:

My Bedroom After: How to: Headboard

Mirror - You can see how I made this mirror from an older post in January 09 titled "Mirror Frenzy". It was a gaudy gold mirror I found at DI(thrift store) for 15 dollars.

Valance - I found the valance at Bed Bath and beyond for a screaming deal and the branch was scrap wood from my in-laws backyard. I was thrilled to find a branch so straight and perfect, but an imperfect branch would look just as good.

To hang the branch I used two coat hooks. The branch fit sturdy right on top of the hooks and it is easy to take it down to make adjustments.

How to: Side Tables
Lamps - Both thrift store finds, though I did mix and match the bases with the shades to come up with a combination I liked. Most thrift stores test their lamps and electronics but if your worried about getting a dud find an outlet and test it in the store.
Side tables - One of the side tables is actually a shelf. It is a black brown color and I found it on sale at Shopco for 15 dollars. I really like the shelf as a side table it offers book space and extra storage for random things. The other side table was found at a thrift store. My husband likes to have little "piles" of his things, so under the cubby of the side table I put a large flat basket so he can continue to have a place for his miscellaneous stuff.
Wall Art - 1. The metallic pointy bucket things (I have no name for them but they're cool) where found at Michael's Craft store. Most craft stores have weekly coupons where you can take 50% off one item. Sometimes they keep the coupon on a flyer by the cash register.
2. The three frames on the wall were from thrift stores and they have pressed flower petals inside. For more details look at the post "Do it Yourself: Wall Art" from January 09.

The Rest...
Pillows - The shams for the pillows were clearance from Bed Bath and Beyond and I filled them with mismatched random pillows bought at Ross for under 6 dollars.
Duvet cover - Ross really has great bedding for cheap prices. Our duvet cover was 19 dollars.
Sophie's tip: Do thrift stores scare you?? I know many friends who get overwhelmed or even weirded out at thrift store shopping. The amount of money you can save by occasionally shopping at thrift stores is ridiculous, so get over your fears. Take someone with you who has gone before and knows the ropes or better, always take a list of items to look for.
I love shopping thrift because whatever I am getting is unique, also, when I walk away with a good deal I feel a serious sense of accomplishment.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bathroom Creativity... Cheap!

This is one of many projects in process. This project was really easy and CHEAP!

Frames: 1-2$ ea. at DI (Thrift)
Bottles: 2$ ea. at DI
Shells: Free, from beaches all over.
Ocean Prints: 1$ for 12

The prints are from a dollar store calender filled with pictures of the ocean!
Just cut out the pictures you like to fit the frames you have.
I got the bottles because every time I would look at the pictures of the ocean I would get "message in a bottle" by The Police stuck in my head. My idea is to find a lot of different size bottles and put them all over the bathroom.

Sophie's Tip: Prints can be expensive especially if they are already framed. Look through all sorts of calenders to find different ideas. It is a inexpensive and easy way to fill frames. Just remember to avoid the "wild stallions on the beach" calenders... I'm so weirded out by those.

Tiny Garden.. Accomplished!

So, I finally got my tiny garden started. Yes, it is VERY tiny. I found this kit on sale for 5 dollars, it has everything you need to plant basil, parsley and chives. I didn't understand how it was such a light container and yet the box said it included soil.
I was skeptical.
I bought extra soil.
I was shocked when I added water to the soil pellets... soil magically was appearing! I was thoroughly amazed for an hour!
Next I planted my seeds and now, I guess we will just wait.
I am excited for that day when I will want to put chives on my potatoes and and I will only need to reach over to my window sill to enjoy fresh herbs.

Hosta is an indoor plant that does well in a lot of shade. To me this means if I can just water it everyday then I have really low odds of killing it.
(You can probably tell one reason why I wanted plants.... my kitchen window looks out at that gorgeous gray gravel!)

Sophie's Tip: When starting a tiny garden you can get very overwhelmed and excited at the store. You will want to buy and grow a lot of things all at once. My tip is to start small, especially if you are a first time gardener. Done this before?... then go crazy.
Want an even easier trick???
Buy the herbs you want already grown... at about 3 dollars each, and enjoy them right away!

Friday, May 1, 2009

More Nursury Ideas...

I just can't get over this stuff..

Things I love:
1. Mismatched furniture. Who says you need all your furniture to match? Who says everything has to come in a set? huh?
2. Simplicity in design. I love how a group of wall decals or small frames can pull a room together.
3. Colors. I love the use of colors in these pictures. One day I will get my brain to think of color schemes like these.

All these photo's are from an amazing website called apartment therapy. It's wonderful.

Tiny Garden

I want a garden but I have no space. I am looking for inspiring ideas....