Friday, March 27, 2009

Be a Professional PHOTOGRAPHER... In only a couple of minutes

1. Get Inspired - While visiting my sister in Michigan I decided to have a photo shoot with my 5 year old niece. I decided to look at some of my favorite photo websites for inspiration. I love the edgy design ideas of Winkfotos. Her pictures are bright with color accents and do not look overly posed. So out came the tutu's and the converse.

2. Click Picnik - I always wanted to be able to produce rad pictures but when looking into photo shop I was disappointed to find some of their cheaper programs for around 100.00
Here is my solution:

The great part is it's completely FREE!


3. Edit your photo - First I selected the Edit tab and messed around with color. I used this to up the temperature of the picture. Then I used the crop tool to get rid of some excess space.

4. Add fun apps - Next under the Create tab I selected the applications "Boost" and "Soften". To finish it off I added the text in the corner.

Have you always wanted to explore the creative facets of photography?

I have.

Now go create!!

(If you know of any other good sites that are fun, cheap and easy to use Please leave a comment with the link!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I could not be happier! I heard a little heart beat inside of me today and now I get to tackle my spare room little person style.

Some upcoming projects will be baby based and here are some of my current inspirations...

Love the shelves and the wood on the walls.

I love the modern feel of this room. I can't decide which I like better the cool rocking chair or the coral arm chair.

This crib is classic. I love the pattern on the wall and the dress hanging on the door.

Could that giraffe be cooler? I LOVE the mismatched matching in this room.

This room I stole from Abby. I speaks for itself.
Love these letters!!.. I will post on how to make something like this..
Have a happy day!!