Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do It Yourself: Wall Art

I love this wall Art! I Found this great symmetrical frame set here and it runs for about 150 dollars.
If you are like me then you see things like this and say "I think I could make that".

1. At your local Dollar Store Find 6 frames that look similar to the frames above in any color. (Thin frames would look great too.)

2. Head to Walmart or any other place that would sell paint supplies and buy a can of white spray paint. (Walmart has cans of white spray paint for 1$.)

3. Scrounge up or buy 6 pieces of Black Paper.

4. Go on a walk and pick flowers. The flowers in these frames look like they are painted but you could get the same look with pressed flowers.

5. Put it all together to create your very own wall art! (You may want to use a little bit of glue to hold the dried flowers in place.)

Ta Da! For under 10 dollars we have re-created the same thing!!
Sophies Tip: Never pass up the chance to go on a walk and pick flowers... Especially if the product of that walk leads to beautifying white walls.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Cups, Cups, Cups, Cups!"

I love interesting Cups and Mugs that make you want to snuggle under covers and fill up on tea or hot cocoa.
These inspire me.

50 Cents ea.
Which is also inspiring. I love a good deal!

Look how great cups look hung up on little hooks!

Sophie's Tip: Thrift stores are GREAT places to find unique dishes. Sometimes I only find one of a kind but many times I have found at least 4 of a set. This is a really fun and cheap way to expand your dish collection... plus you know what's in the cupboard is uniquely yours.

Think of fauna (the green one) saying the title of this blog and then crunching 3 eggs into her cake batter. Out of all of these fairies I by far relate to her the most.

Mirror Frenzy

All of these mirrors are beyond gorgeous.

So detailed and awesome...
..and SOOO expensive. These mirrors run from 300-650 dollars!

Just when my dreams of owning a magnificent mirror are about to be shattered....

I found this mirror for a steal of 15$ at the local Desert Industries (thrift store)
It was a gaudy gold, but I figured with a little TLC and paint I could create my dream mirror.



I put tape over the dotted detail and I love how it looks

Dream mirror achieved!

(This picture truly doesn't show how magnificent it turned out)

Sophie's Tip: This mirror was overbearing and too gaudy for the spot in my house that I chose, but it had great detail and was built well. When second hand shopping, pay close attention to details and you'll have better luck finding pieces with potential.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indian Clay or Mud?

When I was in second grade a popular recess pastime (along with tag, the bars, and wall ball) was digging in the sandbox. If you dug deep enough you would be honored to walk away with a handful of your very own authentic Indian Clay. I remember spending the whole lunch hour digging for Indian Clay. When I had enough I planned to create a magnificent bowl or a vase.
In real life Indian Clay does not exist, it is just regular old mud. But it was magical ancient clay to me and all the other second graders that spent all recess digging.

On this site I hope to offer you rose colored glasses. To view something one might consider junk and see the possibilities of creation.
Keep checking in..