Friday, August 7, 2009

Nursery Project: Origami Cranes Mobile!!!!

I was inspired by these two pictures from Apartment Therapy. I thought to myself "what a clever idea, and I bet it is cheap!"

This is a seller I found on who makes the mobiles...
Cute, huh?

So, of course I set out to make my own...
Step 1: Fold paper cranes.
(For a tutorial on paper crane making go here. I defiantly needed the help.)
Step 2: In the back fold of the crane hot glue ribbon, thread or yarn.
Step 3: Create the base of the mobile.
I used to branches and tied yarn from all 4 ends. I gathered the yarn in the center and decided where it needed to be tied for the mobile to be balanced.
Step 4: To make hanging the cranes easier I just hung the mobile in the doorway and attached the cranes one at a time.

Sophie's Tip: I used scrapbook paper from a package I bought at Target. The cranes require a perfect square sheet of paper and the scrapbook paper worked perfect! It was 8 dollars for 40 sheets and I liked all the patterns. At craft stores paper is regularly .60 cents a piece! I love the paper so I know I will use the rest for crafts or scrap booking in the future.
I also used a small dot of hot glue over the knots that I tied just to ensure that they wouldn't come undone. Use a toothpick to hold the string down though, because I burned the crap out of my finger tips and was saying swear words in my head at the hot glue gun.....'s a love/hate relationship.