Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY: Earing Frame Fabulousness

Everyone needs this on their dresser!

1. Start out with a regular frame with out the glass in it. Mine was meant to hold an 8*10 picture but an even BIGGER frame would be even more fantastic.
2. Measure the frame across and cut out three strips of lace. I needed less than a yard of lace for this frame size.
3. Using the frame backing as your guide cut out fabric leaving it an extra inch bigger all the way around. Pin your strips across the fabric. Space them according to your frame size.
4. Sew or hot glue your lace down.
5. Line up your fabric on the frame backing and flip it over.
6. Hot glue the fabric around the edges.
7. Next I painted the frame with a color called "raspberry wine" then I had the song "Strawberry Wine" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
8. Put the frame backing in the frame and TA DA! Done.

I'm constantly looking for ways to be more organized with the mess of stuff I have on my dresser so this little creation should help a lot!
PS- After I was done I thought  How cute would it be if I put some quilt backing under the grey fabric to give it a "cusiony" look... To late for me, but you might want to give it a try.
PSS- Um, I am kind of known in my family for my incredibly terrible spelling... so feel free to laugh at the fact that I was utterly shocked to find that there is a "P" in raspberry ... I feel like the rug was pulled out from under me!

Thank goodness for spell check!
XOXO~ Sophie

Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY: Spray Paint Vases

These were all just plain clear vases that i have collected over the years... they basically just take up room in my cupboards... so i sprayed them stylish!

Give it 2 coats and 30 mins to dry...

So pretty!

Sophies Tip:  Make sure that you sand the glass just a pinch so the paint sticks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make a Onsie more FUN: Part 1

I love how easy a Onsie is to throw on, especially in warm weather! They are just so plain though, it makes me feel like my baby is still in her PJ's.
Solution: A felt applique of course!!

Step 1: Cut out a pattern/Shape/number/letter.
Step 2: Using fabric glue, attach the applique out to the Onsie.
Step 3: With a needle and thread do a basic stitch around the outer rim of your applique.

All done!
 I made this shirt the same way for my daughter to cheer on her Daddy.
The GREAT news is I have washed this shirt about 20 times (In the washing machine and dryer!) and it still looks great:)

DIY: Cardigan

This project from start to finish took 30 minutes!

1. Cut out one inch strips of fabric. (Smaller or larger depending on how big you want your flowers.)

2. Cut a (fairly even) square out of your strip. This makes it easier to make sure your flowers are all the same length. TIP- Be sure to use fabric that won't fray!!!

3.With the corners as your guide cute out four petal flowers. I cut out between 34 and 36 flowers.

4. Now find the cardigan you want to use. I would lay out the petals in the arrangement you want so you like how it looks and so you are sure you have enough.

5. With thread similar to the color of your flowers stitch them on. (I used 2-3 larger stitches per flower.)
SEEEEE so easy!