Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY: Earing Frame Fabulousness

Everyone needs this on their dresser!

1. Start out with a regular frame with out the glass in it. Mine was meant to hold an 8*10 picture but an even BIGGER frame would be even more fantastic.
2. Measure the frame across and cut out three strips of lace. I needed less than a yard of lace for this frame size.
3. Using the frame backing as your guide cut out fabric leaving it an extra inch bigger all the way around. Pin your strips across the fabric. Space them according to your frame size.
4. Sew or hot glue your lace down.
5. Line up your fabric on the frame backing and flip it over.
6. Hot glue the fabric around the edges.
7. Next I painted the frame with a color called "raspberry wine" then I had the song "Strawberry Wine" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
8. Put the frame backing in the frame and TA DA! Done.

I'm constantly looking for ways to be more organized with the mess of stuff I have on my dresser so this little creation should help a lot!
PS- After I was done I thought  How cute would it be if I put some quilt backing under the grey fabric to give it a "cusiony" look... To late for me, but you might want to give it a try.
PSS- Um, I am kind of known in my family for my incredibly terrible spelling... so feel free to laugh at the fact that I was utterly shocked to find that there is a "P" in raspberry ... I feel like the rug was pulled out from under me!

Thank goodness for spell check!
XOXO~ Sophie


CraftyBrit said...

So cute, I love these! I've seen them with screen material for the backing too :) Looks great!

superh2ogirl said...

ummm I definitely need this on my dresser! On my "to-do" list!