Thursday, February 24, 2011

domestic love pillows

"domestic love pillows" is what our husbands called the project we spent all day yesterday working on:
(The letters are not sewn on yet.)

Sophie and Amy

We made the entire pillow from scatch, we even hand picked the cotton stuffing....
ok that's a lie...

but the rest of it we made!

Amy was inspired by this esty shop full of fabulous things but a little out of our ideal price range. This project cost less than ten dollars!

Sophie's Tip: Adding felt aplique to a pillow is easy. I suggest two ways:
1. Sewing the felt on with a machine using the zig zag stitch. The stitch moves slower than a strait stitch and is forgiving if you make mistakes.
2: Glue your felt on with Fabri Tac, let it dry over night then hand stitch around your letters.