Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pots and Pans Peg Board

Step 1: Pick a color any color...
(Painters Touch Spray Paint 2.79)
Step 2: Select your hooks.
(Set of hooks 6.49)
Step 3: Paint your peg board.
(Peg Board 5.00)
Step 4: Mount board on wall.
I used 5 sturdy long nails. I used 3 at the top and 2 at the bottom to secure.
Step 5: Place your hooks. Then hang your pots and pans.


This project was fun, easy and fast. It is also a total space saver. My apartment is small and now cupboard space to spare.

Sophie's Tip: Spray paint the back side of the board. Many cork boards come pre-painted white and if you are lazy, like me, you don't want to take the time to sand it down and paint over the top. The back is more grainy so the paint sinks in a bit (but because of that one coat worked great).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beat That

I love this headband. Find it here for 6.80
I originally found a similar headband at here for a pretty penny more.
You have an eye for a bargain. You decide between the two.
If you are like me you want to look like a million dollars but never spend that much.
Happy deal hunting.

Sophie's Tip: Always check cheaper fashion stores for a similar idea of what you like, especially with accessories! You may save a bundle and at the end of the day both head bands may hurt your temples but at you got yours for a steal.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Play Room Garden

I recently went to Michigan to visit my sister Selina. She has some amazing creative ideas. One that I particularly loved was this...

The pink flower mirrors were a dollar store find...

The acrylic paint was under a dollar...
The whole idea is just genious.
Sophies Tip: Never pass up a tacky pink flower mirror, you never know when it can change your life.. or your kid's play room.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Budding Branches

So when I was browsing Domino I came across this great idea. I love earthy outside elements inside houses so when I saw this picture I knew I had to re-create it...

..And It was so EASY.

Step 1: Pick your flowers. I found mine at the Dollar Tree. I love the color and yes, just one dollar. (You may have luck at a local craft store as well.)

Step 2: Cut your branches. All I did was walk out side with scissors and cut down 4 branches

Step 3: Bust out the hot glue gun. I took all the plastic insides out of the flowers and glued them in random spots on the branches.

The FINAL product:

Sophies Tip: Don't be afraid to cut down tree branches with a steak knife if the scissors don't work, AND if the tree branches hang over your fence then technically they're yours.