Monday, February 9, 2009

Budding Branches

So when I was browsing Domino I came across this great idea. I love earthy outside elements inside houses so when I saw this picture I knew I had to re-create it...

..And It was so EASY.

Step 1: Pick your flowers. I found mine at the Dollar Tree. I love the color and yes, just one dollar. (You may have luck at a local craft store as well.)

Step 2: Cut your branches. All I did was walk out side with scissors and cut down 4 branches

Step 3: Bust out the hot glue gun. I took all the plastic insides out of the flowers and glued them in random spots on the branches.

The FINAL product:

Sophies Tip: Don't be afraid to cut down tree branches with a steak knife if the scissors don't work, AND if the tree branches hang over your fence then technically they're yours.


Brian and Ashley said...

That looks so cute! I am definitally going to have to add that one in my house!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.
Please be careful with the knives.
Looks adorable!

JD & Whitney said...

I did this project in about 10-15 minutes! it was a total succes and really dressed up my bedroom. I only spent 1 dollar on the flowers, then borrowed my mom's hot glue gun and I already had an empty vase. I couldn't believe how easy, cheap, and fun/fast it was! Soph totally inspired me!

Ryan and Amy Nelsen said...

I LOVE this!!! Definitely an addition I will be making. You are hilarious and one of my favorite people! I love this blog!!

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