Monday, January 19, 2009

Mirror Frenzy

All of these mirrors are beyond gorgeous.

So detailed and awesome...
..and SOOO expensive. These mirrors run from 300-650 dollars!

Just when my dreams of owning a magnificent mirror are about to be shattered....

I found this mirror for a steal of 15$ at the local Desert Industries (thrift store)
It was a gaudy gold, but I figured with a little TLC and paint I could create my dream mirror.



I put tape over the dotted detail and I love how it looks

Dream mirror achieved!

(This picture truly doesn't show how magnificent it turned out)

Sophie's Tip: This mirror was overbearing and too gaudy for the spot in my house that I chose, but it had great detail and was built well. When second hand shopping, pay close attention to details and you'll have better luck finding pieces with potential.


Bonnie said...

I have a similar and gaudy that I painted black then used a bronzed paint to add discreet roughed up look....LOVE IT! People are always thinking I spent a ton, when really it was a mirror I toted around since childhood!

Bonnie said...

oops...that mirror comment was actually Emily Waltz. I'm logged onto my mother in-laws blog to help her update a little.

KILEY said...

Sophie, I have been looking for a mirror to put in my living room to make it appear bigger but have not found one I like yet. Yours turned out so great! Looks like I should make a trip to the D.I.