Monday, January 19, 2009

"Cups, Cups, Cups, Cups!"

I love interesting Cups and Mugs that make you want to snuggle under covers and fill up on tea or hot cocoa.
These inspire me.

50 Cents ea.
Which is also inspiring. I love a good deal!

Look how great cups look hung up on little hooks!

Sophie's Tip: Thrift stores are GREAT places to find unique dishes. Sometimes I only find one of a kind but many times I have found at least 4 of a set. This is a really fun and cheap way to expand your dish collection... plus you know what's in the cupboard is uniquely yours.

Think of fauna (the green one) saying the title of this blog and then crunching 3 eggs into her cake batter. Out of all of these fairies I by far relate to her the most.

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Brian and Ashley said...

Thanks so much for doing this! Man I am going to learn tons from you! I cant wait thanks for the great ideas