Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I could not be happier! I heard a little heart beat inside of me today and now I get to tackle my spare room little person style.

Some upcoming projects will be baby based and here are some of my current inspirations...

Love the shelves and the wood on the walls.

I love the modern feel of this room. I can't decide which I like better the cool rocking chair or the coral arm chair.

This crib is classic. I love the pattern on the wall and the dress hanging on the door.

Could that giraffe be cooler? I LOVE the mismatched matching in this room.

This room I stole from Abby. I speaks for itself.
Love these letters!!.. I will post on how to make something like this..
Have a happy day!!


Miss Mary said...

Yay! How exciting for you! That must be really incredible--feeling a heartbeat inside of you!! Love it! And I love this new blog too, you have such a talent for this stuff. You have always been so artsy!

Doodle On Yoo said...

Hey! I love this site! Very cool. From the word of the very experienced mommy....whatever chair you put in the nursery make sure it is:1)very comfortable, you'll be in it a lot! 2)has good arm rests and back support for nursing or rocking and 3)is easy to clean and a light color, everything shows up on dark especially baby drool and spit up.
And I can help you with the giraffe/initial blocks, my dad owns a print shop and has a GIANT vinyl cutter that can do large scale designs.:) I love all the pics! Chris Ralston

JD & Whitney said...

i love the room where you said its all mismatching but matching! But they are all so adorable.