Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bathroom Creativity... Cheap!

This is one of many projects in process. This project was really easy and CHEAP!

Frames: 1-2$ ea. at DI (Thrift)
Bottles: 2$ ea. at DI
Shells: Free, from beaches all over.
Ocean Prints: 1$ for 12

The prints are from a dollar store calender filled with pictures of the ocean!
Just cut out the pictures you like to fit the frames you have.
I got the bottles because every time I would look at the pictures of the ocean I would get "message in a bottle" by The Police stuck in my head. My idea is to find a lot of different size bottles and put them all over the bathroom.

Sophie's Tip: Prints can be expensive especially if they are already framed. Look through all sorts of calenders to find different ideas. It is a inexpensive and easy way to fill frames. Just remember to avoid the "wild stallions on the beach" calenders... I'm so weirded out by those.

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