Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tiny Garden.. Accomplished!

So, I finally got my tiny garden started. Yes, it is VERY tiny. I found this kit on sale for 5 dollars, it has everything you need to plant basil, parsley and chives. I didn't understand how it was such a light container and yet the box said it included soil.
I was skeptical.
I bought extra soil.
I was shocked when I added water to the soil pellets... soil magically was appearing! I was thoroughly amazed for an hour!
Next I planted my seeds and now, I guess we will just wait.
I am excited for that day when I will want to put chives on my potatoes and and I will only need to reach over to my window sill to enjoy fresh herbs.

Hosta is an indoor plant that does well in a lot of shade. To me this means if I can just water it everyday then I have really low odds of killing it.
(You can probably tell one reason why I wanted plants.... my kitchen window looks out at that gorgeous gray gravel!)

Sophie's Tip: When starting a tiny garden you can get very overwhelmed and excited at the store. You will want to buy and grow a lot of things all at once. My tip is to start small, especially if you are a first time gardener. Done this before?... then go crazy.
Want an even easier trick???
Buy the herbs you want already grown... at about 3 dollars each, and enjoy them right away!


Selina said...

i am all about the already grown herbs, as you know i am the queen of killing plants so they never survive past seed.... thank goodness for my husband with a green thumb. another tip, if you do plant outdoors keep it close to an entryway it will deter animals and ensure that you actually use your herbs since you ill walk by them every day...

Selina said...

hostas get ENORMOUS if you change the pot every year (to a bigger one) they will double or triple in size every year!