Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nursery FINISHED... moslty

Okay I am a perfectionist and I am always wanting to make things better. But I decided that I better post this now "unfinished" or else I never will.

The baby is due in 16 days and I can't wait! I really wanted her room to be all "kid", really bright and easy to organize.

Her crib was a KSL Classifieds find. 90 dollars for the crib, mattress and changing table. I love the classic look of it and the clean lines. I originally was looking for a Jenny Lind crib but I like this one even more.
The blanket under the polka dots was mine when I was a baby. I never dragged it around so it is still in good shape.

The shelf's I found at a thrift store, 2 dollars each.
I painted the letter 'A' onto a canvas.
Brent cut out and made the turtle out of felt and I framed it behind scrapbook paper.
The wooden letters are from Walmart, 1.97 ea.
The books are "vintage". Mrs. Piggle Wiggle in purple hardback was an ultimate find for .10 cents at the Manti library.
The pillows I made myself (looking closely you can tell) and then hand stitched felt flowers and birds on them.

This sweet dress was worn by my mother and the purse was my grandmas. (If you look closely you can see Mickey and Mini)
I spray painted this shelf white, a thrift store find.
The books are the Wizard of OZ series from my Grammy, printed in the 50's. I read them all growing up and I LOVE them!!!

I got the Chinese lanterns at Party Land for 8 dollars.
And I found the globe at Ross for 15. I don't know why, but I felt like I needed a globe, it just inspires creativity and adventure in me.
I got the 9 cube shelf at target as a baby shower gift. (Thanks Tasha)
I love the fabric drawers, they make storing so easy!

The blanket was handmade by my friend Marinda. I just love it.
I have burp clothes in the wicker basket, the frame on the bottom is vintage Winnie the Pooh from Erika, and the book is from Janet.

Rocker Before:
The rocker was a DI (thrift) find for 25 dollars!
Covering the rocker was not as hard as I thought, thanks to my mother in-law Janet!!
She helped me sew covers and Brent and I just unscrewed the foot stool and covered it.

Rocker After:
Sophie's Tip:

A room can be really unique if you try to add elements that mean something to you. I loved incorporating my old blanket and my favorite books into the room.
With this project I didn't worry too much about matching. I didn't want a crib "set" because I felt that I would have to tone down patterns in other places of the room. I think it can be fun to mismatch things that "go" together. Ex: White furniture (not a set but all white) or bright colors (not all the same patterns but in the same color scheme).

A room can be a process, this one is definitely a process for me. Take your time Don't break the bank trying to get it all finished just add items as you go.


Liz and Scott said...

Darling nursery - I love your website. I'm very impressed.

Miss Mary said...

Great job Sophie! I love how you could use some of the things that have been in your family for awhile. That is so fun! Your baby will be here so soon--so excited for you!

grant + brittany said...

wow, it looks so great! oh i bet doing all that just makes it even more exciting. i love those wizard of oz books.

Mindy said...

I love everything about your nursery, especially the A, B, and C on the shelves, so cute!!

Traci said...

Sophie the room looks fantastic! You really do have a talent!

Whitney said...

I absolutely love the rocking chair! The room looks amazing. I love the colors you chose and all of the mix matched decorations.

Ryan and Amy Nelsen said...

It is soooo cute!! you did an amazing job with everything!! I know you just can't wait to bring her home!!!

Mark and Sheridan said...

its so perfect soph!!!

Brit n' Ryan said...

I looks GREAT! I know what you mean about taking your time, I'm STILL working on my kids room. It's hard when ones a boy and ones a girl! Always a work in progress. What a lucky little girl to have such a creative mommy!