Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Banner Tutorial

I was inspired by this lovely little etsy shop.
First I cut a triangle out of cardboard to use as my template then cut many triangles out of burlap.  I bought a yard... MORE than enough!  Next I used acrylic paint and stencils (Hobby Lobby is where I found the stencils and they always have great coupons online) to write "Happy Halloween" leaving one triangle blank for the space between both words.

I used bias tape to attach all the triangles. 
 I used the double sided bias tape and it made it very simple to put together.

 I used the back of my sponge brush to make the polka dots.

Not gonna lie guys, I went a little crazy with the banners...

 Sophie's Tip: Burlap tends to be messy and fray. I took each triangle and lined the sides with a line of hot glue (Except across the top where you will attach the bias tape).


Jennie said...

FABULOUS Soph! I especially get a kick out of how you were such a genius about the achieving the perfect polka dot with the handle!

Ashley R said...

This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it :)