Monday, June 1, 2009

EASY way to POP color in your home

This project is so easy. I kept running into pictures of canvases painted a solid color or painted with stripes. I thought to myself, I am totally capable of creating basic art!

You can get a huge canvas and use stencils to make this awesome headboard as seen HERE.

Or, even easier, this plain yellow headboard found HERE.
THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE HUGE. I decided to start small and create something that would look great on a shelf or in a small area.

The canvas was around 4 dollars, but you can get "mock" canvases for cheaper. My sis brought over paint supplies and vwah la ART!
(Okay, my sisters ''Art" is on the left. She actually IS an artist, so don't compare hers to mine.)

Sophie's Tip: I am NOT a patient person with art. I hate waiting for paint to dry... but with this project you better. I tried to add more and more layers of color and the paint slowly began to lift....BOO!
Anyhow, DON'T do what I did.


JD & Whitney said...

i love it. We don't have a headboard so you're giving me such great ideas. You're awesome!

Mindy said...

Ooh, I LOVE that yellow headboard! This blog is great!

Selina said...

so beautiful! i love the huge canvas idea.. it is quite funny to see Olivias art next to any 'normal' persons art, that was the first thing i noticed... i know i can't do that but stripes i will attempt

Nickim Edwards said...

Soph-you can also use fabric to cover it (no need to wait for it to dry) and use a staple gun to keep it tight over the edges. For the inartistic people out there ;)

Sophia said...

Genius idea Kim!

Waltz's said...

Love the bright headboard idea! And yeah, I can do a tutorial if you want...sizes aren't that big a deal with this material. Ashlynn and Brynlee are actually sharing headbands right now! They get big so fast!