Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where to Shop??

I was asked the other day where some good places to shop are. Here are some ideas:

Salvation Army: We don't have one around here but my sister in Michigan does and they are all over California too. I always find great things there. SalvationArmyUSA

Deseret Industries-Utah: There are a few of these thrift stores outside of Utah, I just happen to live near two. I have found clocks, lamps, dishes, brand new books and much more at DI and I love it. Take the time to look around and you won't be sorry. About Deseret Industries

Local Garage Sales: If you look on KSL(Utah) under "Announcements" and click on "Garage, Estate, and Yard Sales" you can get a listing of local garage sales for the upcoming week. Garage Sales are awesome because prices are generally lower and you can find some really awesome things. On Craigs list look under "For Sale" and Click on "garage sale". Generally you can get furnature and other items cheaper at a garage sale than Craigs List or thrift stores.

Consignment Shops: A nick nack Gold mine! There are so many intersting peices to be found at consignment shops. I have found some of the most intersting jewelery there. The best way to find these shops is to look them up in the phone book. Many times they are not listed inder "thrift" so you have to do a little more searching.

Flea Markets/ Swap Meets: My favorite kind of treasure hunt. I wish there were more Flea Markets in Utah. Just Google 'flea markets and (your state or town)'. I found this great website that lists a few in Utah:

Any Thrift Store: Google thrift stores in your local area and you would be very surprised to see how many there are that you may have missed.

Craigs List: I try to look on this site regularly. There are several categories so you can stalk the items you like. This is a great place to find furniture of all kinds. CraigsList

KSL Classifieds-Utah: This website is great. I like it because it lists items with a picture next to the description so you can scan through it pretty quickly. I looked on KSL everyday for about a week and a half before finding the exact crib that I loved. It was fantastic white crib, changing table, and mattress for 90.00! Totally worth the 5 minutes of searching I did for a week and a half. KSLClassifieds


Whitney said...

I love this post. Sometimes you just forget about checking these stores... I need to be better at it.

Selina said...

amen sister! love a good thrift store...