Monday, May 24, 2010

Two ideas into ONE=Table setting for a fabulous WEDDING

This turned out so cute that I had to share!!
If you take this tutorial and add it to this tutorial the result will be oh so darling.
Andrea (the bride) and I walked around fields near her nieghborhood with large saws in our hands looking for stray branches to use. Her kind fiance followed us with a giant cardboard box to carry all of our findings in, the sweetheart.
Women in her Ward (church group) got together and made all the paper cranes. Her Mom got a paper puch out of a flower and hand punched most of the blossoms then we hot glued them on the braches.
The paper cranes are hanging on Christmas ornament hooks and the frames were modge podged with coordinating scrapbook paper onto frames from the dollar store.
The vases were filled with rocks found at the dollar store and one bag filled two vases.
I also loved the chinese laterns hanging everywhere. SO fun and so fabulous.


Whitney said...

They seriously turned out so cute! I loved all of the decorations for the reception.

Selina said...

totally genious! what a great idea to combine both the branches and the paper cranes... i am totallly trying it!